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 Łuczak Farm Machinery offer

 Łuczak Farm Machinery about the company

A global leader in implementing an innovative way producing organic and natural food

The plant exists from 1985. It is owned by Stanisław and Marianna Łuczak. From the beginning the company's activities are based on innovative machines for agriculture, repeatedly awarded at national and world exhibitions.

We produce agricultural machines for various stages of field works.
We offer solutions economic and ecological
Meeting the expectations of recipients, we are constantly refining and constructing new machines.
If you're looking modern solutions and devices at competitive prices - welcome for cooperation!.

Ecological equipment, weeding machines
• Multi-functional, universal set for cultivating crops during vegetation plant
• Machine especially recommended for organic farms and integrated production of plants - cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, strawberry, carrot, potato, corn, herbs, plants decorative, tree nurseries

Transporter for loading vegetables, vegetable transporter
Transporter for harvesting vegetables of hand-cut brassica cabbages: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, pekinka cabbage etc. The employee puts the cut vegetable on the conveyor belt, another person picks up them on a trailer and put in boxes or cardboard boxes.

Machines for plant covering with foil and agrotextile, plant coverer
The cover is used for the automatic opening of covers or blown up sown plants, at the same time sprinkling the edges of these covers for protection them from damage by wind gusts. The machine can cover plants in flat crops, on ridges or beds. Plantations are covered with it cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, vegetable seedlings, strawberries, nursery nurseries.
The lid is a universal machine and also allows you to collect from boxes of the same pile of foil or agrotextile, by winding them on pipes for storage and re-use.

carousel planter
2.5-3.5 and 5-row rotary planters designed they are for semi-automatic planting of multicellular tray placed interchangeably on the planters' frames. Planters are offered in standard versions with row fertilizer sowing systems and spot watering plants liquid.
The rotary planter is used in the production of such vegetables like: cabbage, lettuce, celery and other seedlings like tobacco or nursery cuttings

Disc planer
Disc planters intended they are for semi-automatic planting of potted plants with a diameter of 25-50 mm or multicellular conical trays with a diameter of 25-50 mm placed on the planter table.
The disc planter is used in the production of such vegetables like: cabbage, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, tomato and other seedlings like tobacco, strawberry, herbs and nursery cuttings

Biopreparation applicator / sprayer
They are used for inoculating soil with biopreparations of all crops, spraying plants, feeding and combating pathogens with biopreparations, watering (including point watering), watering seedlings in Łuczak carousel and disc planters, ensiling forage, maize and grasses, spraying buildings, e.g. storage rooms, halls, tunnels, greenhouses.

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